our work

Business activities of the company are based on importing and the direct distribution of the following groups of products:

  • BISON - glues
  • HAPPY COLORS - sprays
  • SARATOGA - specialized sprays, silicones, glues, products for bathroom, car care...
  • SCHULLER - painters toolkit and equipment
  • FISHER - anchors
  • PIGMENT - MIX TONERS- pigments for paints
  • FABRANCE - fragrances for paints

Our markets & clients


EUROKOLOR’S buyers are mainly traditional stores which have from 20 sqm to 1000 sqm. They are: paint shops, ironmongery, shops of screw goods, plumbing shops and electro shops, sanitary shops-warehouses, parquet shops and bookstores.

Till now, we realized successful cooperation with more than a thousand shop owners and sales buildings.

The delivery of goods is executed through our business partner City Express, who comes to Eurokolor’s warehouse at the end of the day and delivers goods to 100 – 150 places in 24h.



  • 2004.

    we started cooperation with an Italian supplier SARATOGA and introduced brands SARATOGA and HAPPY COLOR (coloured sprays)

  • 2010.

    we installed brand FISHER (attach system) in our sales range

  • 2012.

    we installed brand BISON (glues) and VALPAINT (decorative techniques)

  • 2013.

    we introduced brand SCHULLER (paint toolkits and equipment)