About company


Through its history, EUROKOLOR has constantly invested in increasing its competitive advantage and building positions of its 10 brands in portfolio.

Why choose us?

EUROKOLOR'S motto is a long-term one: Sale is a daily job of a salesman. But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to make friends with the company.


We accrued as a family company. From the begining we are establishing the eminent name in Serbia and right now we have a leading position for coloured sprays. The same tendency we want to have in assortments of glues, painters toolkit, decorative techniques and products that can be found in the paint shops.

We have friendly and business relation with a 15 foreign suppliers and we are importing from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Greece. We are well-known for the best goods and premium brands.

EUROKOLOR has the best infrastructure for good and quality distribution. Our building was built in 2008. It has 440 sqm and 200 sqm of offices. Also, we have a training center, where we educate painters how to apply colours and use decorative techniques.

We are following the worldwide trends, always facing with situation and reacting on changes.
That contribute right and fast business decisions.

The value of EUROKOLOR is unique and well-coordinated team. Also, every person from our team is responsible both for own and collective success. Good relation in our team, motivational reward system, dialogues and constant education are the right way to the best results and confidence of 1000 buyers.
Finding the best solutions for our clients is our task, for the mutual satisfaction, of course.



Mision and Vision


  • To keep the leading position in suppling couloured sprays on the Serbian market
  • To become a national leader in suppling retails and hypermarkets with spays, glues, toolkits, paints, wallpapers and other products from our assortment


  • Constant strenghtening leading position in every segment of management

Our Goals

  • Straight, honest and correct relation with every participant in business
  • Focus on a buyers and create the best solutions for them
  • Successful cooperation and spreading the knowledge through the stable management and care of business partners
  • Coordinate the space capacity with a quality service for clients
  • Create the TEAM who will keep the buyer's confidence and professionally and morally will react to their requirements
  • Create the TEAM "ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL"
  • The highest standars of behavior as a rule for stuff, internal and external communication
  • To respect and trust each other-the basic values of our stuff
  • Encourage employee for creativity, innovations in everything
  • Permanent specialization for staff
  • Permanent improvement of working conditions and homey relation
  • Harmonic relation with community and environment care
  • Transparent management coordinate with legitimate regulation of Republic Serbia


Preconditions for achieving goals

  • Good and stable stock
  • Short delivery terms
  • Creating good and long-term relations with every single buyer